The Wellbeing Service aims to provide workshops and courses to help people’s mental wellbeing (eg Mindfulness for Stress Reduction workshops) and provide routes to positively engage in society (eg Self Esteem and Effective Communication courses).

We will be running the following workshops and courses for the community. They are a mixture of face to face and online via zoom, and are available to adults over 18.

All courses and workshops are FREE, and funded by Barnet & Southgate College and Barnet Wellbeing Service

WORKSHOPS (all online)

Anger Management. Anger Management. Thurs 7 Dec (10am-1pm).  For people wanting to understand anger, and be introduced to tools to manage it. 

Body Care and Image. Thurs 26 Oct  (10am-1pm). For people wanting to learn simple everyday practices (eg washing, using scrubs and oils, breathing, eating and exercise) to keep the body well,  help the mind, and express positive body image.

Mind Body & Soul.  Mon 6 Nov (10am-1pm).   A chance to explore the power of sound, creative visualisation and mediation for positive mental health.

Mindfulness for Self Compassion. Thurs 23 Nov (6-9pm).  For people wanting to learn some mindfulness techniques and apply them to developing self compassion.

COURSES (10 weeks)

Anger Management. Weds, 11am-1pm @ 275 Fore St, Edmonton, N9 0PD. Starting 4 Oct. A chance to understand anger, and explore management tools with support.

Art Course. Tues, 6-8pm online via zoom.  Starting 3 Oct.  People of all levels learn how to develop skills and express themselves using art techniques.  

Effective Communication. Tues, 1-3pm @ 55 Christchurch Avenue, Finchley, N12 0DG. Starting 3 Oct. How to verbally communicate with confidence in different situations.

NEW – Everyday Happiness. Fri, 2-4pm @ 275 Fore St, Edmonton N9 0PD. Starting 6 Oct. Provides understanding, tools and habits for better happiness, mental and emotional wellbeing, productivity and life satisfaction

NEW – Grow, Cook and Eat. Thurs, 2-4pm @ 275 Fore St, Edmonton N9 0PD (with some sessions in Vincent House, Ponders End). Starting 5 Oct. To learn simple growing and cooking techniques, and how these can be applied to healthy eating. 

Hand Sewing. Weds, 2-4pm @ 55 Christchurch Avenue, Finchley, N12 0DG. Starting 4 Oct. To learn a range of skills to produce a number of useful items.

Mindfulness for Stress & Anxiety Reduction. Thurs, 6-8pm online via zoom. Starting 5 Oct.  For people wanting a depth understanding of Mindfulness and how it can be used to manage stress and anxiety.

Personal Development. Mon 11am-1pm @ 55 Christchurch Avenue, Finchley N12 0DG. Starting 2 Oct. To help people make life changes towards achieving their full potential.

Self Esteem. Weds, 6-8pm online via zoom. Starting 4 Oct. To understand and develop skills of self esteem.

Singing Skills. Fri, 6-8pm online via zoom. Starting 6 Oct. Learn a range of techniques, and build confidence in singing.


Moving Forwards. Weds, 4-5.30pm OR 6-7.30pm @ 55 Christchurch Avenue, Finchley, N12 0DG. Starting 4 Oct.  For people wanting to explore changes in their life in a facilitated peer support group.

Sleep Support (5 weeks)*. Mon, 2-4pm @ 55 Christchurch Avenue, Finchley, N12 0DG. Starting 2 Oct and 6 Nov.  To explore ways to improve sleep in a supportive group.

FREE and open to all adults over 18. Funded by Barnet & Southgate College and Barnet Wellbeing Service

How can I access this service?

For information or to attend, please email or fill out the Enquiry Form.  Please state which course you are interested in, and location.

For assistance, please call 0208 906 7504. If you call out of hours, please leave your name and number and we will get back to you.