About Mind in Enfield and Barnet

Mind In Enfield and Barnet is your local specialist mental health charity. On April 1st 2021 Mind in Barnet and Mind In Enfield merged to form this new organisation, meaning we will now be able to offer local residents in each borough a stronger and more sustainable set of services. Mind In Enfield and Barnet combines over 50 years of experience to improve peoples mental health in Enfield, Barnet and beyond.

We are led by lived experience and driven by a passion to support and protect people’s mental health in ways that they, not the establishment, wants. You can find out exactly what we do on this website but broadly speaking we change peoples lives in the following three ways.

  1. Service Delivery: We design, develop and deliver services to local residents that respond to mental health problems or prevent them from developing.
  2. Campaigning and Influencing: We work with the NHS, with local authorities and other key organisations to ensure that action is taken to improve the design and delivery of services, and dissemination of positive and helpful information on mental health.
  3. Training and Consultancy: We provide services to organisations and teams, such as bespoke training, supervision or consultancy, that addresses the mental health of organisations, their staff, managers, leaders and customers.

We can’t do this alone, we can only change mental health together so get involved, get in touch, let’s do this together.

Our Relationship with Mind

We are one of 133 Local Mind Associations (LMA’s), affiliated to national Mind, but responsible for our own funding and local service delivery.  Being affiliated to Mind allows us to exchange ideas and information with similar organisations throughout the country, and to participate in wider campaigns promoting mental health awareness. 


Mind in Enfield and Barnet has been awarded the Mind Quality Mark 2021-24.

The Mind Quality Mark is a rigorous quality assurance standard. It sets the bar of good practice and legal compliance for all organisations in the Mind Federation.

Once every three years, local Minds are reviewed against the Mind Quality Mark standards. The reviews are led by people with lived experience of mental health problems and senior leaders from other local Minds. They are based on a robust assessment of documentary evidence as well as interviews with and survey responses from trustees, staff, volunteers, and people who use services.

To achieve the Mind Quality Mark, local Minds must be well-run organisations delivering safe, life-changing support for people with mental health problems.

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