Services for organisations

One of the ways that Mind in Enfield and Barnet can change the lives of people with mental health problems is via training and consultancy. We have range of services that can support individuals within organisations, or organisations as a whole to, understand and pro-actively manage mental health within their organisational context. The services we offer are tailor made for the organisations as we know that one size does not fit all but there are 4 different ways in which we can help:

Managing Mental Health at Work – a tailored programme of training that can be delivered online and offline to leaders, managers, staff and HR specialists in order to respond to mental health issues and promote better wellbeing for all.

Managing Clients Mental Health – a tailor made programme for businesses and other organisations that want to ge the most out of their client/customer interactions by better understanding their mental health.

Mental Health Strategy – consultancy that will look in depth at mental health within your workplace from a systematic and strategic perspective that will aid companies and organisations to take a programmatic approach to their organisational wellbeing. This could include help on designing strategy, policy, procedure or events.

Reflective Practice and Support – we offer a range of tailor made services for groups and individuals that wish to have space and time to reflect on the psychological aspects and dynamics involving the relationship between the mental health of staff and that of their clients. Supervision can be provided on a group or one to one basis

Specialised Bereavement Training – Following on from the success of the COVID-19 Bereavement Service we are offering free bereavement training to professionals working and supporting those that are bereaved in Barnet.

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