Enfield Wellbeing Network Helps Make Enfield A Healthier Borough

With over 150 local residents supported so far, Enfield Wellbeing Network is making huge strides in making Enfield healthier.

Since the launch in January 2022, Enfield Wellbeing Network (EWN) has been offering free Health and Wellbeing support to Enfield residents. Helping over 150 people to date, EWN is encouraging local residents build self-confidence to manage longer term health conditions and possibly prevent new ones. EWN also offers general health and wellbeing guidance, access to community-based activities, workshops and events. Support from staff and volunteers has been essential in helping achieve the goal of a healthier Enfield.

With the aim of empowering Enfield residents to self-manage their health and wellbeing, EWN goes ‘the extra mile’ for their clients by making plans that fit client’s lifestyles and includes self-care management tools and techniques, health awareness including mental health, movement and exercise, diet and nutrition, support for carers and mindfulness among others.

Experienced health and wellbeing practitioners assess individual needs and work on a one-to-one basis with clients for up to 12 weeks. The client and practitioner work together to create a tailored wellbeing plan, with the goal of helping clients move toward healthier options. Often with the further support of Volunteers, clients are ‘cheered’ on to meet their goals and accountability for progress is included.

Enfield Wellbeing Network Project Manager, Cheryl-lya Broadfoot says “Our first few months have been more successful than we expected. Since the launch over 150 Enfield residents have received support from us and more people are getting in touch daily. The team have been working so hard for local residents. We have had wonderful feedback from clients, their positive comments about staff and volunteers are so heartwarming. It’s such a privilege to be able to facilitate Enfield residents becoming even healthier through the Enfield Wellbeing Network.”

Enfield Wellbeing Network welcomes any Enfield resident 18 or older, especially those open to managing their own health and wellbeing or just needing a guiding hand.

An EWN client had this to say

Thank you for really listening, I had contacted other organisations and all they wanted to do was give me a link or phone number. You really helped me today, thank you so much

Enfield Wellbeing Network is the joining up of some of the best health and wellbeing expertise in Enfield including Age UK Enfield, Enfield Carers Centre and Mind in Enfield and Barnet. With strategic partners Alpha Care Specialists and Citizens Advice Enfield, and strategic lead Enfield Voluntary Action. EWN is funded by Enfield Council.

Enquiries can be made by emailing info@enfieldwellbeingnetwork.org.uk or calling 020 3827 2840.

Author: StuAdmin
Posted on: 9th September 2022