Wellbeing Workshops and Courses

The Wellbeing Service aims to provide workshops and courses to help people’s mental wellbeing (eg Mindfulness for Stress Reduction workshops) and provide routes to positively engage in society (eg Self Esteem and Effective Communication courses).

We will be running the following workshops and courses for the community from February 2021, they are available to adults within Enfield and outside of Enfield:

View the schedule in pdf format here


Anger Management Workshops
Thurs, 10-1pm. 18 Feb OR 18 Mar. 
For people wanting to understand anger, and learn tools to manage it. 

Body Care
Thurs, 10am-1pm. 11 Mar OR 8 Apr. For people wanting to learn simple everyday practices (eg washing and using scrubs and oils, breathing,  eating etc) and exercises (eg yoga and pilates) to keep the body well, and help the mind.

Mindfulness for Stress Reduction & Anxiety
Reduction Workshops
Thurs, 10-1pm. 4 Mar OR 1 Apr.
For people wanting to understand stress and anxiety and learn mindfulness tools to manage.   


Art Course (10 weeks).
Tues, 2-4pm, OR 6-8pm. Starting 23 Feb. 
People of all levels learn how to develop skills and express themselves using art techniques.  

Effective Communication (10 weeks).
Weds 11am-1pm. Starting 24 Feb.
How to verbally communicate with confidence in different situations. 

Gardening with Nature (10 weeks).
Weds 3-5pm. Starting 24 Feb.
How to sow and grow plants, and work with nature at the same time.

Hand Sewing (10 weeks).
Tues 11am-1pm. Starting 23 Feb.
Learn basic techniques and stitches to create a range of items for the home. Suitable for beginners.

Jewellery Making (10 weeks).
Fri 2-4pm. Starting 26 Feb. 
Learn a range of techniques to make items for yourself and as gifts. Suitable for beginners.

Performance Skills (10 weeks).
Mon 2-4pm. Starting 22 Feb.
Learn a range of techniques, and build confidence in performing.

Personal Development (10 weeks).
Fri 11am-1pm. Starting 26 Feb.
To help you achieve your full potential, and build confidence to manage life’s challenges.

Self Esteem (10 weeks).
Mon, 11am-1pm. Starting 22 Feb.
To understand and develop skills of self esteem.

Singing Skills (10 weeks).
Mon 4-6pm. Starting 22 Feb.
Learn a range of techniques, and build confidence in singing.

Workability (10 weeks).
Thurs, 1-3pm. Starting 25 Feb.
To understand and develop skills for work and volunteering.

*All courses are FREE, and funded by Barnet & Southgate College

Self referrals or referrals can be made.
Please ask for a referral form from martinedrake@mindeb.org.uk or call 0208 906 7507
(leave a message with your telephone number and you will receive a call back as soon as possible).