During these testing times, it is important to maintain regular social contact with the community around us. Mind in Barnet have continued the safe and relaxed atmosphere of our weekend social clubs in a virtual way. 

Weekly Zoom Calls

We host a 1-hour zoom call every Sunday between 6 – 7pm. The call is broken up into a few casual exercises:

  • Catch up about each other’s week
  • Play a quiz where everybody provides 3 questions
  • Share and discuss quotes and articles we’ve read in the week

We have established a code of conduct which seeks to include and protect everyone who takes part in our community: 

  1. All members treated with respect & without Judgment
  2. This Is a Group Space; Personal feelings and opinions welcome but with respect to others speaking time, opinions & comfort
  3. No divisive politics.   
  4. Group moderator can move on conversations to uphold the group space. 
  5. If someone wants to suggest a new code, or to adjust an old one, they can propose this to the group moderator via email. If the moderator agrees, the adjustment will be proposed by the moderator to the group for approval.

If you are interested in getting involved in our community then please email wellbeingactivities@mindeb.org.uk or call 0208 906 7506

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