Ready to change your wellbeing routine?
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Join Enfield Wellbeing Network to become a healthier you!

Start working towards the health goals that you’ve always wanted with our support. (Or let us help someone you love achieve the health goals they have always wanted).

You’ll work with our Health & Wellbeing practitioners to create a plan; learn how to self-manage, and get the support you need to manage your health your way. Our volunteers will also help to keep you on track and cheer you on.

How can you benefit?

1. Achieve self-empowerment through support: Depending on your needs, support could include: up to 12 weeks one-to-one support with an experienced Health and Wellbeing practitioner; attending group activities; volunteer buddies or volunteer befrienders to keep you motivated – or a mix.

2. Tailored support: Our tailored support is designed to suite your interests and needs, with the aim of helping you self-manage your health. If you are a carer, we can help too. If you have any longer terms conditions our support could also help.

3. Realistic goals: We’ll help you set realistic health and wellbeing goals, provide accountability to achieve them and leave you feeling empowered to self-manage your health.

4. Build your confidence: Grow your confidence and feel empowerment by learning how to manage your health and possibly prevent new conditions.

All activities are based in Enfield and could include any of these (and more):

  • self-care management tools and techniques
  • health awareness including mental health
  • movement and exercise
  • diet and nutrition
  • support for carers
  • mindfulness

Who are we?

The Enfield Wellbeing Network is a partnership of voluntary and community organisations including Age UK Enfield, Enfield Carers Centre, and Mind in Enfield and Barnet, who have come together to help local people, like you, to boost their health and wellbeing. Our strategic lead is Enfield Voluntary Action.

We have experienced Health and Wellbeing practitioners in each area drawing on 179 years combined expertise of each delivery partner, ensuring you are in capable hands and your goals will be achieved.

Our practitioners are supported by a team of trained volunteers all with the aim of helping you succeed with your health goals.

Find out more about each partner here:

Mind in Enfield and Barnet 

Age UK Enfield 

Enfield Carers Centre 

Who can join?

Any Enfield resident aged 18 or over and not receiving care through Enfield Council is eligible.

Not sure? Please enquire by emailing or calling us directly on 020 3827 2840.

Everyone is welcome, especially if you are open to managing your own health and wellbeing.

If you need a bit of support we are here for you.

How does it work?

Four simple steps:

1. Email us to ask for details

2. One of our dedicated Health and Wellbeing practitioners will review your enquiry

3. Our Health and Wellbeing practitioner will then invite you to have an initial assessment to see what you need most

4. Together you will set up your personal Health and Wellbeing Plan and support will begin.

Join today, it’s free

Enfield Wellbeing Network is an Enfield Council funded initiative with Enfield Voluntary Action as strategic lead and delivered by; Mind Enfield and Barnet, Enfield Carers Centre, Age UK Enfield

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