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Life After Loss is a partnership project between Mind in Enfield and Barnet and Citizens Advice Enfield.

This service has been specifically set up with the Enfield community in mind; Mind in Enfield and Barnet will be able to help support you with the following:

Brief emotional support

Our aim is to offer you immediate emotional support (you will hear back from one of our trained counsellors within 1 working day).

If it has been identified that further support is required, we can offer you a further 8 sessions of free bereavement counselling with one of our fully trained counsellors.

Specialist support

We are also able to refer you to more specialist mental health support as necessary

Through our partnership with Citizens Advice, the service will be able to offer bereaved clients a variety of different offers of support:

  • A dedicated advice caseworker to manage the clients’ needs from start to finish.
  • It will include fast track advice to access benefits, Universal Credit, and debt advice support.
  • Assistance with raising money for funeral costs and other sudden/emergency bills.
  • A small grant of up to £500 for those families in dire need of financial relief

How can I access your service?

For more information, please contact us on: 0208 906 7504 or email: [email protected]

Wednesday & Thursday 9:30-5:30pm