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We have teamed up with Age UK Barnet to recruit and train a number of volunteers on befriending within mental health. Volunteers will be matched with a number of Barnet residents to provide emotional support and companionship.  Clients under 55 are to be supported by Mind in Barnet and those over 55 by Age UK Barnet.

The pilot scheme will expire 31st March 2021. We hope to secure funding

Aims of Befriending service

Where relevant and feasible to provide contact by telephone or digital platform meetings:

  • To provide emotional support and companionship to the lonely and isolated residents of Borough of Barnet who are suffering from long-term or acute mental distress
  • To offer a maximum of 1h of phone or digital contact with clients per week. This will be at pre-arranged times and either in one long call or multiple shorter calls.
  • Help to access information that may be hard for those who are isolated and digitally challenged to access.
  • Volunteer assistance to help the clients identify and articulate problems and issues that are worrying them and where possible signpost them appropriately, so they know where to go to get the help they need. 
  • Updating clients on safe options to pursue their interests and re-engage with society.
  • Encouraging and motivating clients where appropriate to resume social interaction and interests as Covid 19 restriction ease.

If you think you would benefit from this service, then please get in touch. From there we can assess your needs, interests and availability to potentially match you with one of our befrienders.

Contact: Sam Brown, Befriending Coordinator
Email: [email protected]