Dr Jacqui Dyer – Tackling race and mental health inequalities

Poor Mental health amongst BAME/Black communities is it new? The misconception is not new! We strive to address this working in partnership with VCS and Statutory partners by improving awareness with guided support for all, hoping to shape the way forward. Mental health has no colour, no reference, or boundaries, do we change inequality or does inequality warrant change?

Dr Jacqui Dyer’s approach is driving awareness in our challenge to improve mental health amongst communities the need to involve support from statutory and non-statutory services is critical to the outcome of each and everyone’s journey through life.

If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it change your attitude

By Maya Angelou ( civil rights activist)

Author: Paige Gooden

Author: Paige Gooden
Posted on: 25th October 2021